Nixy Newport G2 10’6” Review

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Nixy Newport G2 10'6 all-around inflatable standup paddleboard

Nixy standup paddleboards philosophy: we build boards we want to paddle! The Nixy Newport G2 10’6” inflatable SUP has been developed and manufactured by a passionate family and this shows in every possible way: affordable, lightweight and easy to use!

A company built by a family who wanted to build the perfect inflatable paddleboard, which at the time simply didn’t exist. So they put their heads together to create the best product for them. Luckily they loved it so much they wanted to share it with you. And there it is the Nixy Newport G2 10’6 paddleboard!

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A brand built on simple times, born of a passion for the outdoors, paddle boarding and spending time with family. A perfect combination! Now let’s check out this all-around board!


Length 10’6”
Width 33”
Thickness 6”
Weight 17 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs


Nixy Newport G2 10’6” Inflatable SUP
  • 9.3/10
    Construction - 9.3/10
  • 9.8/10
    Stability - 9.8/10
  • 9.2/10
    Tracking - 9.2/10
  • 9.1/10
    Accessories - 9.1/10
  • 9.2/10
    Versatility - 9.2/10


The Newport G2 10’6 is the all-around inflatable standup paddleboard of Nixy. In the package, you get an aluminum paddle, dual action pump, repair kit, and wheeled backpack. And of course, the Nixy Newport G2 10’6″ SUP board.

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When the family at Nixy decided that they wanted to build the best paddleboard possible, they did so with a vision. The intention was not to follow the crowd. They wanted to be the trendsetter, and that they have done.

By taking everyone else’s double layer, Nixy has squished it and changed it into a stiffer, much lighter compound. Yet still, with the incredible durability, we have all come to expect.

Nixy was not content with a standard drop-stitch core, so they improved it. Building on the existing technology but adding some extra reinforcement to give a high tensile experience capable of 20 PSI for a top notch solid feel.

Nixy then took the standard dual-layer PVC all the way back to the drawing board, in the latest school of thought they have managed to combine the layers directly to the core through a fusion technology.

This process is done by machine, exterminating once and for all any build errors which we have seen from other hand built board brands.  Additionally,  its dual-layered rails keeping its form tight and durable. Creating an absolute airtight system that feels and performs like a hardboard SUP.

Deck Pad

Nixy Newport G2 SUP - large deck pad

If you are looking for a super comfortable blow up paddle board to paddle, whether sitting, kneeling or standing the Nixy Newport G2 has you covered. With one of the biggest deck pads, we have ever seen. Covering over 75% of the board’s deck, the soft EVA deck pad will give you the utmost comfort in any situation.

An ideal companion if you want to try some SUP yoga. The traction pad is more than long enough for any crane, cow or downward facing dog pose you want to try. Although Nixy does have a special yoga board, the Venice G2, if you mostly want to get the board for SUP yoga!

The diamond-patterned deck pad features a crocodile skin texture this makes the deck marvelously grippy offering a sensational level of support even when wet. Do you like style? The deck pad of the all-around Nixy paddleboard is available in a range of five colors to suit your own preference. All color options feature the classy two-tone colorway for a really professional look to this incredible board.

D-rings + Bungee

Nixy Newport G2 standup paddleboard - D-rings and bungee for storageAs we take a closer look at the Nixy Newport G2 inflatable paddleboard you will quickly notice the large elasticated cargo area up on the front deck. Created by 4 well placed D-rings this is the ideal spot to tuck away those everyday essentials. Flip-flops, sun hat or even a bottle of wine. (We did say essentials!)

On the tail of the Newport G2, you will notice that the rear D-ring sits out proudly ready to attach your leash. Nixy has really cleaned up the tail of the board by shifting the valve up front. It gives a clean appearance and nothing to snag your leash on.

In the center of the board, the Nixy Newport G2 has 2 ideally placed D-rings for attaching an optional kayak seat for lazy days on the water or ideal for persons with reduced mobility. Just keep note that only the kayak seat purchased through Nixy will fit. The universal kayak seat needs 4 D-rings.

The last D-ring, of the 8 in total, is actually on the underside of the board. Way up on the nose this is ideal for towing the paddleboard either from another SUP or from a boat. This position of the D-ring is actually very well thought-through since the position is important as being on the underside allows the nose to lift and plane along the water as opposed to towing from a deck mounted D ring whereby the nose will pearl and catch the water’s surface making it difficult to tow.

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Nixy Newport G2 standup paddleboard - tri fin setup 3 removable finsEvery brand has a different idea for fins, different setups, and positions. When we rolled the Nixy Newport G2 iSUP over we were firstly delighted to see that they have stuck to a traditional all-around tri fin set up. But by utilizing 3 removable fins in a toolless thumb screw system.

This gives you the best of options, from completely removing all three fins to create a beach lounger to switching between a single fun cruiser of tri-fin all-around setup.

Nixy Newport G2 standup paddleboard - 3 easy removable fins

We found the toolless system uses oversized thumb screws to tighten, these are really quick and easy to use and once fitted the fins felt secure and rock solid.

It’s nice to be able to remove the fins for storage but not essential as the board still fits its bag with the fins attached.

We found the fin size was good and slightly bigger than other brands which certainly offered better stability and grip right when you needed it most.

Nixy Newport G2 inflatable standup paddleboard - easy to inflate deflate blow up


So you’ve carefully unrolled your new Nixy paddleboard. You’ve found the pump and inflation hose, you are about to get going. You look down to the tail of the board and there’s no valve?

Is this a mistake? Witchcraft? Is this a magical self-inflating board?

Nixy Newport G2 inflatable standup paddleboard - inflation valve at the front of the SUP board

Nope, It is no mistake and unfortunately no witchcraft or wizardry no matter how many times you say the spell it just won’t self-inflate. Roll your eyes forward over the deck and you will spot the high-quality valve sitting unobstructed on the nose.

This is something not commonly found on other boards but does make a lot of sense. First of all the nose of the board usually stays high and dry out of the water meaning that the cover is less likely to snag on weeds and you can quickly see if it manages to come open.

Nixy Newport G2 standup paddleboard - Bravo 4D dual action SUP pump

The other useful reason for this forward position is that it actually aids you in packing down the board. Allowing you to open the valve and then simply start rolling from the tail and it will expel the air as you go.  This leaves your fins nice and safe on the inside of the board once rolled.

The team at Nixy recommend a pressure of 15 – 20 PSI. This will depend on the weight of the rider with lighter riders requiring less pressure.

We found that by using the included Bravo dual action pump we were able to get the paddleboard set up and ready to go in 6-8 minutes. Of course, this could be reduced if the board was self-inflating or you had an electric pump or compressor at hand.

Overall Performance

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Once you are decked out in your finest attire, you want a board that not only looks the part but acts it also!

With the Newport G2 from Nixy, you won’t be disappointed. We pumped it up and set out to prove this board wasn’t purely a fashion piece over function. On the water, the paddleboard responded even better than it looks.

For a beginner rider, the board was beyond stable, we could probably take a table and chairs and set up a tea party on board. At 33” wide the board actually carried its speed and glide better than many of the boards we have tested.

We really believe this is down to the fusion core technology creating one of the stiffest boards we have ever had the opportunity to test.

The increased stiffness brings performance. It’s a good pick for an intermediate rider looking for something they can challenge themselves with. The Nixy Newport G2 was a perfect all-around SUP combination for waves or windy conditions. The fins providing enough grip to keep you in line yet super responsive and maneuverable right when you need it.

One thing we loved about the Newport was its predictability. We knew what was going to happen and could really push ourselves without fear of the unexpected.

The Newport G2 from Nixy was the board that just kept giving. We wanted to know if it was just a pretty face.  There was some skepticism. We were left with an embarrassed smile on our face just how good this board was.

For a mid-priced paddleboard (it’s not a cheap paddleboard, but also not in the expensive price-range), sold as a package, it certainly responded and handled like any premium board with the same solid feel and quality build.



It is nice when a carton arrives ready to paddle, with nothing extra needed except your swimwear. The Nixy Newport G2 10’6 inflatable paddleboard is the complete setup.

It’s not the greatest paddle in the world, but it will get you going straight away. The paddle is built on a standard aluminum three-piece shaft, which folds down neatly into your bag. The aluminum is lightweight (however compared to fiberglass or carbon fiber, it’s not) and finished with a nice black texture to give it the feel of a more expensive piece.

The paddle blade is tough nylon designed to bounce off everything. This is perfect for the beginner who will no doubt be punting along at times. The paddle is durable enough for the occasional paddler. Even when you upgrade it, it can continue to serve as the ideal backup or spare for friends.


Nixy truly understands that safety is no compromise. That’s why included with each board is a really swell board leash. Equipped as a hybrid, a mix between a straight and coiled leash designed especially for stand up paddleboards.

The high-quality polyurethane cord combined with dual stainless steel double-swivels has the look and feel of any premium leash on the market. It is comfortable to wear and tucks out of the way so not to drag or catch in the water.


Nixy Newport G2 standup paddleboard - Bravo 4D dual action high pressure pump

Included in your bag is the super Bravo 4D dual action pump. We have seen this pump used on many other higher priced packages. It’s a really nice addition and really helps to set this package apart from the others.

The dual action simply means that it pushes air through on both the upward and downward strokes. Allowing you to get a good amount of volume in the board.

Then when the going gets tough, simply switch back to single action to make things easier. The built-in gauge is really accurate so you can be assured of the right pressure each and every time.

Nixy Newport G2 standup paddleboard - travel bag that fits the iSUP paddle pump and more


Thinking of traveling the globe or even just to the waterfront? You will be delighted to know that the team at Nixy really want to give you the most portable and functional bag yet.

Nixy Newport G2 standup paddleboard - 3 large wheels on the backpack for easy transport of the SUPThe first thing you will notice is the three large wheels on the underside. These make those long treks much easier, taking the weight from your back and being able to tow it along behind you. Where other bags use two wheels, Nixy has used three to really spread the load and allow it to cope with almost any terrain.

As you open up the bag, the double zips make things super easy. You will see that the space inside is absolutely huge. Big enough to easily roll your new inflatable paddleboard into. Now time to close it up and check out the large outer pocket. Designed to take your pump and accessories with ease. The small ID tag is ideal if you want to travel. On the outside of the bag, you will find a special space to securely store your paddle.

Nixy Newport G2 standup paddleboard - enough space in the backpack for the whole package SUP board paddle pump repair kitOn the bag, you will find 4 large handles designed to help carry and maneuver the bag in and out of planes, trains, and automobiles. While the two large padded backpack straps will allow you to trek down to a remote river with ease.

Overall this is one of our favorite bags from any brand currently on the market in this price range. It’s packed full of features a real premium piece of equipment.

Repair Kit

We all know the durability of inflatable standup paddleboards. Being able to be driven over by a truck, flattened by rhinos and bounced off beaches. But we also know misfortune can happen at the worst possible moment. That’s why Nixy Sport have included a simple repair kit with the Newport G2. Fitting nicely into the outer pocket of the bag, the orange plastic pod contains some PVC patches, glue, and a valve wrench. We recommend adding a couple of alcohol cleaning wipes but otherwise its ready to repair at a moments notice and get you back on the water as soon as possible.


  • We are a huge fan of color, and the Nixy Newport G2 has plenty of classy colorways to choose from
  • The option of adding a kayak seat
  • Simple uncluttered deck
  • The travel bag is really high quality and the perfect companion
  • Complete package ready to paddle
  • Bravo pump is very efficient and easy to use
  • Super stiff and rigid board due to its fusion technology


  • The paddle is low quality (easy upgrade!)
  • Only one handle, personally we would have liked to see another to aid launching/towing/etc.


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Nixy Newport G2 10'6 standup paddleboard - inflatable SUPThe Newport G2 inflatable standup paddleboard from Nixy has become a point of debation. As a mid-priced board, the package is of great value. Looking past the cheaper paddle, everything else included is superb value for a board in this price range. But we certainly feel that due to its modest price point it is not always taken seriously as other premium boards.

So between us and you, we will let you into a little secret. If you want a board that will outperform every other board in its category and still able to take on the big boys, the Nixy Newport G2 iSUP is just for you.

The team at Nixy are happy to offer a 2-year warranty on their boards proving just how much they trust their materials and manufacturing process. A board that just oozes confidence.

It is like a secret weapon ready to be unleashed to the world and certainly one of the best boards we’ve tested in this price range.

From the premium build quality to the host of accessories the Newport G2 SUP really has it all. But let’s keep this between us, so they keep it at its incredible, unbelievable price point!

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