Below you’ll find all of our comparison charts, this is a page that will constantly in development as we add new reviews each week. We have tried  to make each comparison chart as usable as possible. This means we have thought long and hard as for what details to include to make it as relevant as possible, that’s why the tables look different from each other.

Comparison Tables Explained

Price range: $=100-300 $$=301-600 $$$=601+

Versatile: How many different water conditions a boat can handle. If it can handle more than calm waters we consider it to be versatile.

Carrying Capacity: The amount of weight a boat can carry.

Size: The size of the boat when it’s fully inflated.

Weight: The weight of the boat when it’s inflated and has all accessories installed.

The Best Inflatable Boats For Fishing

ModelPrice RangeCarrying CapacityWeightBuy
Sea Eagle 285$$$450 lbs43 lbsBuy on Sea Eagle website
Classic Accessories Colorado XT Boat$$400 lbs77 lbsBuy on Amazon
Classic Accessories Cumberland$350 lbs17 lbsBuy on Amazon
Intex Mariner 3$880 lbs78 lbsBuy on Amazon
Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler$$300 lbs41 lbsBuy on Amazon
Newport Vessels Catalina$$$1,600 lbs160 lbsBuy on Amazon