Gili Sports Adventure 11′ Review

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Gili Sports Adventure 11' inflatable paddleboardGili Sports is a rider-owned business with an enormous passion for standup paddle boards! Although they have not been in the SUP business as long as other brands, Gili Sports has great knowledge and is creating real quality boards.

The 11’ Adventure is no exception building on the popular all-around Gili Air 10’6 and creating an even more versatile package ready to pump up and take anywhere.

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Length 11’
Width 32”
Thickness 6”
Weight 19 lbs
Weight Capacity 290 lbs


Gili Sports Adventure 11'
  • 9.5/10
    Construction - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Stability - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Tracking - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Accessories - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Versatility - 9.5/10


Gili Sports has created a great all-around/cruiser SUP: the Adventure 11′. It’s not a full-on tourer but has great all-around capabilities and great cruiser capabilities! It’s very stable for a cruiser and very manoeuvre-friendly as you would expect from an all-around paddleboard. The Gili Sports Adventure package includes some great accessories: light-weight carbon fiber paddle, dual action pump, coiled leash, large and comfortable bag and a repair kit.

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Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP - Great Durable ConstructionThe Gili Sports 11’ Adventure is a board designed to get your attention, it lures you in with its beautifully designed deck. Available in either a blue and grey or a bright yellow and grey color scheme. Just like a parrot it demands and wants you to take a closer look.

On the inside, the highest quality drop stitch core combines the top and bottom decks through thousands of tiny strands to hold the board firm and steady. On top of this Gili Sports use a Fusion technology whereby the machine fuses the core to the duel outer layer of military-grade PVC. This leads to a perfect finish every time without bubbles or flat spots that can sometimes be found with hand laminated boards.

This board has really been constructed with the user in mind. By combining the latest technology, overall the board has become very light and strong.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' paddleboard - large deck padDeck Pad

The large EVA pad is both grippy and soft so whether you are riding barefooted or seated on the board there’s plenty of padding and support.

Aesthetically the black deck pad combines beautifully on either color to create a great looking board that is both stylish and fun.

D-rings + Bungee

Gili Sports Adventure 11' paddleboard - front cargo bungeeIf you like to accessorize then the Gili Sports 11’ adventure is just the ticket packed to capacity with 17 D rings.

The 11’ Adventure is a true explorer with two gear storage areas. Upfront is a large 6 point bungee and then on the tail an extra 4 points. Also on the tail of the board, you will find the ever-important board leash D ring ready to clip on and go.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' paddleboard - rear cargo bungeeGili Sports have really thought about every possibility by combining functionality and usability. Maybe you want to add a kayak seat and footrest for some extra comfort? Or a tie-down cooler for a cheeky lunch stop? Either way, the Adventure 11’ really takes you to another level.

Along with its multitude of D rings the Adventure 11’ also features not two but three comfortable hand grabs. The first one is in the center of the board for easy carrying, a second on the tail to aid launching the board, and a third upon the nose of the board to make recovery super easy. Gili sports have actually thought of everything.

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Gili Sports Adventure 11' paddle board - Triple fins setupGili sports have switched the fin set up on their shorter 10’6 last season and have subsequently stuck with this latest tri-fin set up on the 11’ Adventure.

The two smaller thrusters are made from a durable rubber that can bend and move as you touch the ground to avoid damage. In the center, Gili has used a larger snap-in fin designed to be quick and easy to position. The center fin sits in a tight system with no excess movement and requires no tools.

This gives you the extra benefits of a larger center fin for tracking and stability but the ease of removal for transport and storage.

By using a tri-fin set up the board is able to turn and maneuver quicker. Having a better response allows you to use the board in surf or whitewater as well as casual cruising and exploring.

To make this board even more versatile, we would love to see Gili release a couple of different sized fins to complement the standard 9-inch nylon fin provided for ever-changing conditions.


Gili Sports Adventure 11' paddle board - Dual Action Pump includedThe Gili Sports Adventure 11’ as we know has been built on a super solid drop stitch core with a double layer of military-grade PVC to form a shape that is both awesome on the water and super durable. All you need to do now is add some air.

Gili Sports recommends a pressure of 15 PSI in all of their boards. However, for a heavier rider, you can use a little more, pushing up to 16 or 17 PSI to give a really firm ride underfoot.

The instructions say that if you are really fit that this task can be accomplished in under 5 minutes with the use of their own dual action pump. We personally found that at a fairly mediocre pace (not breaking a sweat) it is realistic to have the board pumped up and ready to float in 7-10 minutes.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' inflatable SUP - inflation valve and rear handleOf course, to make your life a bit easier, you could get an electric SUP pump!

Once you have finished your voyage it’s time to roll up and pack away but doesn’t despair it’s super easy to get stowed. Simply head to the tail of the board, press in the valve, and twist it a quarter of a turn. The twist will keep the valve open allowing the air to expel as you carefully roll up the board. Once finished twist the valve back to its original position to keep the air out until you next want to take it out.

Overall Performance

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Gili Sports Adventure 11' inflatable SUP - Great Overall PerformanceAny time a new product crosses our desk we are filled with anticipation and excitement to get it out of its cardboard box and set it free on the water. As always Gili Sports have truly delivered on what might even be the best all-around package of an inflatable SUP. Having previously tested the Gili Sports Air 10’6 we already had high expectations of what to expect from its bigger brother the Adventure 11′.

Out of the box, the first thing you notice is the array of accessories that are supplied with the Adventure 11’. From its carbon fiber paddle and leash to its bag and pump; the box is just full of surprises.

Looking at the design of the board you can see a great rocker profile. But what is the purpose? To help combat chop and aid in preventing nose drives in turbulent conditions. Which we found it to do just that.

We launched directly from shore really utilizing the addition of a rear launching handle to easily position the board before stepping aboard. As we gently paddled away full of hope and anticipation we were a little worried just in case the board didn’t deliver.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' inflatable SUP - Front RockerLucky for us our calls were answered, the board sat up well and proceeded headlong into the distance, cruising with ease and holding its line. The board really felt stable and seemed to take everything in its stride.

We decided to take the board on our own mini-adventure testing it to its fullest. In a straight line at 11 feet long it is still not huge but for an all-around board, it carried its speed well and had enough glide to make any distance pleasurable. As we twisted and turned the board was both predictable and decisive, it was easy to control and move in any direction. We were worried that the rear cargo area would inhibit pivot turns but due to its extra rocker, it released from the water and spun with ease.

We liked the stable feel of the board and think for a beginner it will really inspire confidence even for a heavier rider. As an intermediate rider, the board’s performance is actually much better than its price tag would dictate. We enjoyed paddling the Gili Sports Adventure 11′ even taking in some small wind waves and coming through the other side with speed and grace.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' inflatable SUP - Carbon Fiber Paddle includedAccessories


The team at Gili Sports has really tried to put some fun back into paddling by including a lightweight hybrid breakdown paddle.  What stands out about this paddle is its carbon shaft along with a nylon blade.

Utilizing such materials makes it super durable for pushing and punting off of the floor/banks etc. It also gives a super stiff shaft that is lightweight and warmer to touch than traditional aluminum shafts.


Gili Sports Adventure 11' iSUP - coiled leashWith safety a primary concern for anyone taking to the sport, a leash is an essential accessory.

Gili Sports have been good enough to include a nice coiled leash with a comfortable ankle strap. You’ll find enough length to allow you to wander comfortably on your board.


Gili Sports Adventure 11' iSUP - dual action pumpIncluded with the Gili Sports Adventure is a nice 2 stage dual action pump allowing you to quickly and easily inflate your board. The pump offers a high volume mode for getting air quickly into your board then once the pumping becomes difficult you can turn the switch and change it into high volume mode.

Not only does the dual-action pump work well but it also looks great! Following the same color styling as the other accessories, the contrasts stand out from the crowd.


Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP - oversized transport bagFollowing on with Gili Sports love of color matching comes the bag. For any inflatable stand up paddleboard you want it to be as portable as possible, and for that reason a good bag is essential.

With the Adventure 11′, Gili Sports has delivered not only a fashionable bag but a functional piece that is well suited and easy to use.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP - large comfortable bagOne of the first things you notice is the huge zipper opening of the bag. Opening nearly 3 complete sides of the bag to make loading and unloading really easy.

Inside the bag, you have a good cinch band to hold your board snug and plenty of space for accessories. On the outside, you have another mesh pocket that can be used for the paddle. The padded shoulder straps fit nicely with the aid of both a waist and chest strap which are essentials for carrying any distance at all.

Overall the bag works really well and the grey / blue styling is a really nice touch.


  • Sold as a complete package with everything you need
  • Carbon fiber paddle is a super addition
  • Stable and comfortable
  • A great looking color scheme
  • Huge possibility for customization with an array of D-rings
  • 3 handles on the board make launching and recovery a breeze
  • Rear cargo area means you can better balance your board on long days out


  • Not the fastest board on the water but very stable and cruises well
  • Only one handle on the bag makes hauling a little difficult


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Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP - Great All-Around Cruiser PaddleboardOverall we found the Gili Sports Adventure 11’ to be one of our favorite all-around boards really catering for a wide range of riders and packed full of premium features only usually found on much more expensive boards.

The Adventure 11′ package contains just about everything you need to hit the water right from the off, packed full of quality the package is hard to beat.

If you want something a little shorter, then the Gili Sports Air 10’6 is a great alternative featuring a simpler deck also making it better suited to yoga.

Their Adventure can be your adventure! Come aboard to really let your dreams of exploration come true. From gentle cruising with friends to overnight trips. To keep things versatile, the array of D-rings leaves you with plenty of options for accessorizing your board.

Pump up, stand up, and enjoy.

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