Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks and SUP boards

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Aquaglide is a great company for every water sports enthusiast looking for a new inflatable kayak or standup paddle board! Next to all the recreational water toys like rafts, tubes, sliders and more, Aquaglide is a popular brand for kayakers and SUP boarders!

From their name alone, your first impression would probably be that this company is all about the water. That is quite correct as Aquaglide has a lot of experience and has a great reputation when it comes to designing and manufacturing watercraft for commercial water sports.

Aquaglide knows exactly what you need, whether it is an inflatable kayak or a standup paddleboard. Aquaglide can get you through almost all waters be it the open ocean, a rushing torrent of white water, or just a calm and peaceful episode at the nearby lake.

A Brief Overview of the Aquaglide Brand 

Aquaglide has its beginnings more than three decades ago near the Columbia river. The pioneers of the company have always been near the water and also had the feel of adventure. Probably part of the reason is that the company’s original headquarters was at the base of three volcanoes which are famous throughout the world.

The waters surrounding Aquaglide’s office were a combination of interconnected waterways that seemingly went on forever, calm and easy coves, and of course whitewater rapids. These varying water environments led the people behind Aquaglide to come up with world-class quality inflatable kayaks and blow up paddle boards.

Because the designers and manufacturers of Aquaglide were exposed to both calm waters as well as extreme, dangerous ones, it is not a wonder that they knew exactly just what a kayaker needed for almost any type of water environment.

Aquaglide’s reputation in the field of water sports is indeed 30 years’ worth of experience in creating reliable commercial inflatables that could survive, thrive and can be used anytime of the day.

When you choose an Aquaglide inflatable kayak for any water (river rapids, open sea, tranquil lake), you are guaranteed that the company will not let you down through its kayak. Every inflatable watercraft has been extensively tested for almost any situation, be it for emergencies or just for recreational fun. You know you are getting into a worthy investment if you are with Aquaglide.

Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks and Standup Paddle Boards

  • Aquaglide Columbia XP Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Columbia XP 1-Person inflatable kayakOne of the most solid and dependable 1-person inflatable kayaks from Aquaglide, the Columbia XP is an excellent choice thanks to its great tracking ability in the water with the ability to glide so effortlessly in the water. Even as this inflatable kayak is classified to be used in easy, flatwater kayaking, you will surely love this kayak overall. There is a Columbia XP 2-person kayak available as well.

The Aquaglide Columbia XP measures 11 feet and 4 inches in length, 36 inches wide and 15 inches in height. It weights about 30 lbs. and can carry a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. This 1-man inflatable kayak provides more than enough leg room for the paddler, with more than 3 feet of space for your feet and legs. The seat can also be adjusted and repositioned, depending on your height.

Unpacking and assembling the Aquaglide Columbia XP is not that difficult. Even without reading thoroughly the instruction manual, someone should be able to figure out how to assemble this inflatable kayak.

The three individual air chambers make use of Boston valves which allows for easy inflating and deflating. They also have tether which keeps them attached to the kayak, so you will not lose them after finishing the inflation and assembly of the Columbia XP.

The material used for the body is quite durable, consisting of 24-gauge air bladders that make use of PVC material with zippering fabric cover, while the hull makes use of commercial grade Duratex and polyester that is rated at 600 denier.

The kayak’s floor is an inflatable chamber with PVC material dubbed as X-beam technology. With this, the Aquaglide Columbia XP has a hull that tough, rugged and resistant to most water hazards that might puncture and penetrate it.

Accessories that are included with every model of the Aquaglide Columbia XP include integrated fishing rod holders, integrated splash guards, neoprene rail pads, tracking fin, molded transport handles, accessory straps, instruction manual, repair kit, and a custom-tailored bag.

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  • Aquaglide Blackfoot HB Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Blackfoot HB Angler XL Inflatable Fishing KayakOne of the company’s toughest and most rugged of its inflatable kayak models, the Aquaglide Blackfoot HB is the recommended choice for those who want to go on serious, moderately extreme kayak adventures, or wants to use it as a proper angler kayak for their fishing trips.

The size of this high quality inflatable kayak is significantly more than the average model, while the long waterline and piercing bow design makes it the ideal kayak for long distance trips. Perhaps what really stands out with this Aquaglide inflatable kayak is its durable exterior material, with a proven toughness on the water and against most hazards that will not be scratched nor punctured easily.

The Aquaglide Blackfoot HB angler kayak has a length of 12 feet and 8 inches. Its width measures at 3 feet and 3 inches. This 2-man inflatable kayak (or very spacious 1-man kayak) registers at the weighing scale at 38 lbs. and can carry a maximum load of 600 lbs.

The floor of the kayak is made up of expedition-grade Duratex material that can withstand abrasion and scratching. Outside, the exterior wicks away water, letting simply slide while remaining droplets easily dry up.

Air pressure can be pumped as much 12 psi, thereby giving you a stiff and very solid bottom. Side tubes are made also of Duratex material with a rating of 1000 denier. The hull has a slightly-less durable material, rated as 600G Duratex and 500 denier.

The accessories of the Aquaglide Blackfoot HB are integrated Scotty mounts, adjustable fishing seats, fishing cooler with rod holders and pockets, integrated mounting plates, foot brace, repair kit and carrying bag. Ideal for all your fishing adventures!

It should not be too hard to transport and carry the Aquaglide Blackfoot HB, thanks to its four carrying handles which are conveniently placed on the bow, the stern as well as on both sides. There are also plastic d-rings located on different position of the kayak. You can use these to fasten and secure gear and equipment which you will be bringing along.

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  • Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem XL Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem XL Inflatable KayakAnother of Aquaglide’s excellent 2-man inflatable kayak models, the Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem XL is a recreational and all-around kayak that paddlers will surely appreciate. Its versatile design allow you to use in different bodies of water.

Be it for a quiet and relaxed day of paddling in the water or an overnight adventure trip which entails you crossing a lake or a river, the Aquaglide Chinook XP can surely take you there. Ideal for family use since 2-person and a child can easily sit in this kayak.

The Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem XL has a length of 12 feet and 10 inches. Its width measures 3 feet. It weighs 38 lbs. and can carry a maximum of 550 lbs. The floor and the two sides of this inflatable kayak uses 24-gauge PVC bladders with Aquaglide’s X-beam technology.

The hull is also made of the same durable PVC material and is rated at 600 denier. This material is heat resistant, ideal if you are going to stay outside for extended hours. Finally, the hull is not easily scratched and is quite resilient when going against sharp objects.

Accessories that are included for the Aquaglide Chinook XP tandem XL kayak are integrated fishing rod holders, adjustable bungee deck rigging, saddle seat, molded handles, tracking fin and a custom-tailored bag.

On the water, the inflatable Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem XL demonstrated good and easy paddling, whether one were to go solo or with another companion.

Just as it was listed and described, the Chinook kayak material proved to be very resistant against most hazards that were encountered in the water. Because the seats can be adjusted, it was relatively easy for you to move them in a place that would give you the best position where you can paddle and row efficiently.

The Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem XL is designed to be assembled and put together easy and without hassle. That pretty much is the same when it comes to putting away the kayak. Folding up is just as simple.

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  • Aquaglide Rogue XP Two Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Rogue XP Two Person inflatable kayakHave you ever tried a sit-on-top kayak? This would seem to be likened to the traditional kayaks that were made of bamboo, highly maneuverable but did not offer much seating. Except for the latter, the Aquaglide Rogue XP is one of the company’s inflatable kayak models that is considered as the modern-day version of an open, sit-on-top kayak.

While the open design has some disadvantages such as increased chances of you getting wet from water splashing, it makes up for it with other advantages.

The Aquaglide Rogue XP Two measures 10 feet and 2 inches in length, and a width of 2 feet and 8 inches. When fully assembled, the inflatable kayak weighs at 24 lbs. and can carry a maximum load of 400 lbs.

The materials that were used for the main construction consists of commercial grade Duratex for the hull which has a rating of 600 denier. It also has polyester fabric which is also quite rugged and tough and is even UV resistant.

One of the things that the Aquaglide Rogue XP Two offers as an advantage is its wide outline and open stern transom which gives the kayak amazing stability in the water, while also acting as a means for easy getting in and out of the water.

For this reason, the Rogue XP Two is, besides fishermen, also preferred by swimmers and divers as this allows them to jump into the water with a mere thought! Rescue and emergency personnel are just some of the individuals that can take advantage of this trait offered by the Rogue XP Two.

Accessories that come with every Aquaglide Rogue XP Two include integrated fishing rod holders, a mesh storage pocket, foot rests, a fin system which has a foiled fin with quick-release, rear accessory straps, padded handles, seats with excellent backrest, an instruction manual and a repair kit. There is a storage bag and air pump offered but these accessories are sold separately.

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  • Aquaglide Yakima Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Yakima Inflatable Kayak BoatAnother Aquaglide inflatable kayak model of the traditional deep cockpit design, the Yakima is an inflatable kayak that can be used in different water types. Because of its good size and ability to carry substantial amount of cargo, this kayak can be used for long-range water adventures.

And if you simply want to spend a quiet day at the lake, paddling with just a few cares and much more relaxation, the Aquaglide Yakima can also give you that.

The Aquaglide Yakima is a 2-person inflatable kayak boat and has a length of 10 feet and 7 inches and a width of 2 feet and 7 inches. It weights almost 15 lbs. and can carry up to 400 lbs. The sitting area is quite deep and spacious, thereby giving its two paddlers a good amount of leg room to be comfortable.

Meanwhile, the high level of the kayak’s sides and deck skirts do more than just make you comfortable. It also keeps you dry for most of the time by keeping away water splashes.

The material of the Aquaglide Yakima consists of K80 PVC material and polyester deck covers which have a rating of 600 denier. Some of the features and accessories that this inflatable kayak offers are its ergonomic seats, a removable spray cover that is completely waterproof, a transport handle, a cockpit drain, accessory strap, a repair kit and Aquaglide’s kayak carrying bag.

Aquaglide offers you a couple of separate accessories which can be quite useful – a high pressure pump, a paddle, and a 12 volt Turbo Electric Pump.

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  • Aquaglide Waimea 10’ Standup Paddleboard

Aquaglide Waimea 10’ Standup PaddleboardFor those who are fond of SUP boarding, should check out the Aquaglide Waimea 10′ standup paddle board. The Waimea standup paddleboard measures 10 feet in length, 2 feet and 9 inches in width, and depth of at least 5 inches. The hardbody paddle board (it’s not a blow up / inflatable SUP) on its own weighs about 23 lbs. It can carry up to 300 lbs at maximum.

The material is a special combination of an EPS foam core that is guaranteed to be waterproof. The construction of the paddleboard is further strengthened with the use of wood stringers and 2 layers of thick fiberglass that were glued and sealed together with the use of epoxy seal. This gives you a very stable and sturdy paddleboard that also looks amazing!

Accessories that come with the Waimea 10 ft standup paddle board are an adjustable aluminum paddle, surf leash with an ankle strap, and soft rook racks.

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What makes Aquaglide so great?

Guaranteed Durability and Toughness

Aquaglide Columbia XP Two Person Inflatable Kayak - available in 1 and 2 personAquaglide is very much aware of the varying conditions that you will encounter as you go about your water activities. For that reason, the watercraft that you will be using must always be one with the toughness and resilience to withstand whatever it will encounter while in the water.

All Aquaglide kayaks and stand up paddleboards, especially those which are inflatable, make use of materials which are strong and tough and do not break easily. You know you will be safe and secure if you go for a watercraft that is made by Aquaglide.

Feature-Rich Models

Every watercraft made by Aquaglide, be it an inflatable kayak, paddleboard, or any other recreational water sports product is loaded with a slew of great features. From the materials that were used for its construction to functional features like storage compartments and also for maintenance like repair kits, Aquaglide always includes great features which will surely anyone impressed and amazed.

Aquaglide Waimea 10’ Standup Paddleboard SUPProven Competence

Aquaglide has been in the watercraft business for so long now. As the technology has evolved and changed with every major innovation, Aquaglide too has evolved and adapted to stay with the changing times.

From new types of materials and fabrication to utilizing modern manufacturing methods, Aquaglide is constantly upgrading and improving itself in order to give you the best watercraft that you need for all your water activities.

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