Nixy 12V DC Electric Paddle Board Pump Review

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Nixy 12 V Electric SUP PumpHave you bought a beautiful inflatable stand up paddleboard recently? Used it a few times and now realize your biggest barrier? Getting it pumped up quickly!

This can be even harder if you have multiple boards of your partner and/or kids, the task of pumping becomes a chore. Well luckily for you Nixy may have just saved the day with their latest 12V electric SUP pump. Taking away all the hard work to give you more time on the water.

Read on to find out just what makes this pump so special.

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Dimensions 11.6” x 5.3” x 6.3”
Hose Length 4’4″
Power Cord Length 10′
Pressure 1 – 20 PSI

How does it work?

NixyNixy 12 V Electric Paddleboard Pump has really opened up the inflatable stand up paddleboard industry with the addition of a portable 12V electric pump.

Before the electric pump, we all used the supplied manual action pumps, of course, some were better than others but realistically the art of pumping just became a chore.

The addition of an electric pump to the range opens up much better opportunities for people to get out on the water. Its predecessors were great for beach balls and inflatable unicorns but not great for big high pressurised SUPs. If you wanted something that got near the recommended pressure than you needed a large compressor. This was always impractical and difficult to use.

Nixy has brought to the market a specific electric pump designed and built especially for inflatable stand up paddleboards.

Nixy 12V Electric Paddle Board Pump - easy and quick to useSimply take the pump from its supplied bag and attach the power supply. Whether using a car’s cigarette lighter socket or attach the crocodile clips directly to the battery of a vehicle. Then connect the air hose and get ready!

At this point, all you need to do is select the desired pressure between 1 and 20 PSI press go and wait for the magic to happen.

Unlike cheaper pumps, the Nixy pump utilises a two-stage technology filling the board quickly and quietly until it reaches a higher pressure where it switches into compressor mode to really get the board up to your desired rigidity.

This Nixy SUP pump isn’t only a one trick pony. Switch the hose to the deflated outlet and you can watch your board shrink back to its flattened form, just like it was the day you first unrolled it from its carton. Now you can simply roll it up getting rid of all of the air for a compact fit into its sack.

What’s in the Carton?

Nixy 12V Electric Pump for SUPsIncluded in the carton comes the pump unit along with the 2 power connections; one set up is for a cigarette lighter and  the other with alligator clips is for a car’s battery.

Also included is the rubber air hose with H3 valve connection, useful for SUPs and kayaks, an instruction sheet and a nice Nixy storage bag with shoulder strap to keep everything safe.

Handle and Feet

The Nixy 12V electric pump is both practical and easy to use. The large handle on the top makes carrying and maneuvering easy whilst the 4 rubber feet allow the unit to stand without vibrating off down the street.

Pressure Gauge

On the top of the Nixy SUP pump unit a large practical gauge is displayed. This means that you can see exactly how much pressure is in your board and means you can use the pump for other inflatables like beach toys or kayaks with ease.


Nixy 12V Electric Pump Carry BagThe Nixy 12V electric paddleboard pump is supplied in its own handy storage bag. Being contained stops it from bouncing around the car and keeps all of its cables and hoses safe and sound.

A nice feature is the shoulder strap to carry the pump from house to the car and the large Nixy graphic so you can be sure just what’s in the bag.

Time it takes

So you have inserted the nozzle into the pump and selected your desired pressure. Are you wondering now if you continue setting up or stand guard to turn it off? Well, the great news is that when using the Nixy pump to inflate, there’s an auto shut off feature.

This means that once it hits your desired pressure it will automatically switch off. So you can set it up and then set about getting changed and drinking a quick last coffee without fear of over inflation. On your return, your board will be at the correct pressure just disconnect the air hose and away you go.

Depending on the required pressure, the Nixy 12V electric pump takes normally less than 10 minutes to inflate average-sized paddle board.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Large pressure gauge shows the pressure as it inflates
  • Easy pressure selector
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Storage bag for protection and carrying


  • Maximum of 20 PSI might not be high enough for some large boards
  • No auto shutoff on deflation function


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Nixy 12V Electric Paddle Board Pump - quick to inflateFirstly we would like to thank Nixy for rekindling many peoples love of the sport. The electric paddle board pump has been an absolute game-changer in terms of getting people onto the water once more. The sleek design and ease of use have made this a must-have accessory for any budding standup paddler.

Nixy is a company working hard to expand their own line up of boards and accessories with some great product, this is a real example of forward thinking. The pump is also covered by Nixy’s superb 1-year warranty meaning you can always get in touch if you have problems.

We have had a few crappy electric pumps in the past, but Nixy has really upped the game and set a standard that all pumps should reach. If you are thinking of pumping your own board quite often or even multiple boards then this electric SUP pump is definitely a great option and saves a huge amount of effort.

If you want to spend less time pumping and more time on the water then certainly pick up a Nixy 12V electric pump today!

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