Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube Review

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Float Tube Overview

Float tubing is the new way of fishing and with each year new people join the floating movement. But what if you want to try float tubing but don’t want to shell out several hundred dollars? You go for the Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube, of course, a tube that is very affordable! It might have a cheap price tag, but the tube itself is far from cheap. There’s hard to find an entry model that’s better than the Teton.

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It’s uniquely sculpted design makes for a clutter-free and streamlined deck, to make your fishing as convenient as possible. There are three storage areas in total, two at each armrest and one large pocket in the back seat. The two storage areas in the armrests have multiple pockets to store all of your fishing gadgets and gear. The backrest can also store fishing gear, there are no pockets, however.

The Teton is about 4.5 feet long and 4 feet wide, almost identical to its slightly expensive brother, the Cumberland. It weighs 16 pounds and will carry up to 250 pounds without trouble. To make transportation as as easy possible, there are two backpack straps so you can carry it while it’s inflated on your back. It has a hydrodynamic hull shape, which makes it easier for you to steer and maneuver the tube. It also helps it to track straight.

The seat is not padded but made out of mesh fabric, along with the backrest, the Teton float tube is surprisingly comfortable. The seat is lower than other models, which will have you submerged in the water from about the waist down (it all depends on how much you weigh, heavier people will be submerged more than lighter people).

Like all float tubes, there’s a stripping apron included with a fish ruler. To make for easy removal it’s attached via Velcro patches. The ruler makes it easy for you to measure your fish and decide whether it’s a keeper or not.

The Teton float tube is a great way to enter the world of inflatable float tube fishing, it’s affordable and plenty of features that higher-end models have.


  • Three storage areas for all your valuable fishing gear
  • Stripping apron with fish ruler
  •  Backpack straps to make transportation easier
  • De-cluttered and streamlined deck


  • Dimensions: 42.5 inches (3.5 ft) in length,  40 inches (3.3 ft) in width and 18.5 (1.5 ft) in height
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Carrying Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Material: Heavy-duty fabric

Our Review

Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube
  • 9/10
    Portability - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Storage - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Toughness - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Comfort - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Tracking - 6/10
  • 5/10
    Versatility - 5/10


Classic Accessories created a float tube that is both highly affordable (super duper cheap) and is actually a solid product, how are they not losing money on this? Whether you’re too poor to buy high end float or if you just want to try if it’s your thing, you will not go wrong with the Teton. It’s as basic as a float tube gets, but ask yourself, do you really need more? We guarantee you will catch as much fish as the guy sitting in the most expensive one.

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Considering the astonishingly low price point of the Classic Accessories Teton, you’d think you would get a poorly made boat, but the reality is far different. We were pleasantly surprised by the Teton, maybe because we were constantly thinking of how cheap it was, certainly nothing that cheap can be good, right? Let’s dive right in and see what we have to say.

Seats puts you in the eater, makes it easier to propel yourself

If you’ve read our review of the Cumberland float, you know that my wife had a problem propelling herself due to the high seat. The seat on the Teton is not padded or anything like that, it’s a simple fabric seat. This means it gets you closer to the water, which makes it a lot easier for short people like my wife to propel herself using her teeny tiny legs. If you’re worried that you might be too small for the seat and accidentally slide out when wading, there’s a groin strap that will prevent just that. The main “drawback” (we’re really pushing it calling it a drawback) of having a seat like this is that you get a lot wetter, you can count on getting water up to your waistline sitting in the Teton seat.

First-timers might have troubles installing the bladders, here’s a video to help you out

If you’re reading our review of this float tube, we take it you’re a beginner float tuber. So here’s the thing all beginners should know, you have to install the bladders into the actual tube before you can go anywhere. If you know how to do this it’s quite easy, however, if you’ve never seen a tube in real life it can be quite tricky. The instructions that come with the Teton are not fully clear, especially if you’ve never assembled a tube-like this before. To help you first timers out, here’s an instructional video teaching you how to replace a bladder for a float tube.

It feels solid and rugged, we just wish they would have reinforced the bottom

The build quality is solid, nothing feels like it’s cheaply made or like it would come apart easily. We just wish that Classic Accessories would’ve improved the bottom of the hull, it’s made from the same nylon material as the top and will most likely puncture if something sharp were to hit it. We’d love to see a rugged PVC bottom in the next version of the Teton, please!

Backpack straps are awesome, makes for easy transportation

We just love the backpack straps, they’re highly convenient and make transportation so much easier. The straps cannot be used when the tube is deflated sadly, but once inflated you just throw it up on your back and walk to your destination. It’s like a humongous backpack, but it only weighs 16 pounds which makes it even easier to carry, even if you have a bad back.

Plenty of storage for all your gear freaks out there

The storage areas are pretty neat as well. The two armrest storage areas have plenty of pockets for lures and other important equipment, just be cautious when putting them in, since they might go through the nylon right into the bladder. If you’ve seen the product pictures of the Teton, you probably noticed that the storage areas look sturdy and “inflated”, this is however not the case. In the product pictures, they’ve stuffed these areas, in reality, they’re completely flat. It’s nothing too bad but it does surprise you when you first unpack it. The backrest also doubles as a large pocket, so you have plenty of storage for gear.

No cup/rod holders but it’s easily fixed

It doesn’t have any cup/rod holders like the more expensive versions have, this can be easily fixed with a Scotty float tube mount, just wrap around the tube and fastened, you’re done.


  • A great deal for the amount of money you pay
  • Lots of storage for fishing gear
  • The backpack straps make it to transport longer distances


  • The bottom is not reinforced, making it vulnerable to punctures


We’re not going to lie, the Teton float tube from Classic Accessories surprised us. We thought it would be a cheaply made toy like a tube, but it was in fact well made. It’s a very basic and minimal model, it doesn’t have a lot of the added features higher-end models have, but who cares? Since you’re probably paying less than $100, you can’t expect to get a whole lot for that amount of money. It’s a solid product, does what it says on the box, and helps you get closer to your fish. If you want to give float tubing a try, or if you’re just a cheapskate, the Teton will most definitely not disappoint you, unless you have exceptional standards for low-cost products.

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