iRocker Cruiser 10’6” Review

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iRocker Cruiser 10'6" inflatable paddleboardBest Tested Inflatables Guide 2018Let’s get this straight, you’re looking to buy an inflatable SUP and wondering if the iRocker Cruiser 10’6“ standup paddleboard is a good choice? Simple: yes, yes it is!

The 10’6 Cruiser from iRocker has been designed and built with stability in mind, building on previous years designs to create {in our Opinion} the best edition yet! 

iRocker is a new company in terms of Stand Up Paddleboard business only being on the market for a few years. But they have built on many years of waterman experience as a company owned and operated by riders.

This has led to them already gaining a huge presence within the industry. Creating products that they want and need. Whilst testing them to the highest standards and winning multiple awards along the way.

The iRocker 10’6 Cruiser is currently the most popular board from iRocker’s offerings. Creating a board suitable for any water user. From fishing to yoga or just hanging out the Cruiser has become an instant classic.

You can rest easy knowing other people like ourselves have already “bought and tried” and rate the iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ standup paddleboard highly.

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Don’t settle on only our word for it either. Many customer reviews after purchasing give this board a bright and beaming thumbs up nearly every time.

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Length 10’ 6”
Thickness 6”
Width 33”
Weight 25 lbs
Capacity 350 lbs

What You’ll Get When You Purchase The iRocker Cruiser 10’6

  • The SUP Itself
  • iRocker Ergonomic Back Pack
  • Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle
  • iRocker Ankle Leash
  • Dual Action Hand Pump
  • Repair Kit


iRocker Cruiser 10’6” Inflatable SUP
  • 9.5/10
    Construction - 9.5/10
  • 9.8/10
    Stability - 9.8/10
  • 9.3/10
    Tracking - 9.3/10
  • 9.3/10
    Accessories - 9.3/10
  • 9.6/10
    Versatility - 9.6/10


The iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ inflatable paddle board is an affordable, stable and durable iSUP that is ideal for beginners and intermediate SUPers. The quad layer military grade drop stitch is very tough and almost feels like a hardboard. Included are a fiberglass paddle, comfortable backpack, leash and double action pump that makes this package a great purchase!

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iRocker Cruiser 10'6 inflatables standup paddleboard - great stable SUP for the whole familyThe 10’6 Cruiser has been built on the existing range of iRocker boards, using many of the same quality components and technologies to build a board with the user in mind.

For 2019 the iRocker Cruiser has been updated with a quad-layer military-grade PVC outer skin. This has really improved the board’s durability. Adding stiffness and rigidity to the board, in some cases making it difficult to tell the inflatable apart from a solid design. The 4 layer material is durable and resilient to scuffs and bumps. Setting this board up as a perfect board for a beginner without the worry of puncture or damage even when trying to tap dance on it.

If for some reason you thought throwing your iRocker 10’6 Cruiser off a cliff face was a good idea, you would be pleasantly surprised to find it most likely intact and merely scratched at the bottom. Please don’t throw your SUP off a cliff though.

Manufactured with – take a breath – Triple-layer military grade drop-stitch material.

A big sentence with a big punch. You can shoot over here to get a full explanation or you can take our word for it when we say drop-stitching is the top-dog when it comes to durable manufacturing for inflatables. You’ll see the same materials being used across all of the inflatable markets. When the crowd says yes, you know something’s got to be right.

The dual fusion heat-welded seams are built to last, with each and every board tested before leaving the factory and the zero failure rate proving both quality and durability.

iRocker also offers a 2-year guarantee on any of their lineup, this shows that the company trusts their product and is happy to repair or replace any manufacturing problems within the first two years. Of course, if you paddle it under a ferry it is probably not going to be covered. But then again having seen how durable the board is we would probably expect to see it float out unscathed.

Inside the board is a high-density drop stitch internal core, this provides the strength and stiffness needed to carry up to 400 pounds with little flex whilst maintaining its form and profile.

Overall we have been very impressed with the quality of materials found on all of the iRocker range. They have managed to combine premium materials to create a board that is super strong and durable.

iRocker Cruiser iSUP - Eva foam deck pad

Deck Pad

The deck pad is designed to provide both comfort and grip on the board. As well as looking great and giving your board some personality. The iRocker Cruiser 10’6 is no exception featuring an extra-long pad running all the way to the tail. This year the deck pad is also available in 6 different colors; this is surely just to make your decision even more difficult!

This year’s extra-long deck pad allows you plenty of options from paddling tandem with friends or family or for bringing a dog out on your waterborne adventure.

iRocker Cruiser iSUP - large deck pad

The latest branded EVA Foam deck pad features an improved crocodile skin type texture on top of the diamond pattern. This is to give even better traction, even when wet.

Making it even easier for you to master those Sup Yoga headstands. The extra cushioning this year gives better comfort for all-day use and allows even heavier paddlers to gain extra comfort without having to compromise on board stiffness.

D-rings + Bungee

iRocker Cruiser paddleboard - many D-rings for storage and more

How many D-rings would you like? The Cruiser is equipped with 11 stainless steel D-Rings! Yes, Eleven! That is not an error, we have counted and double-checked just to be sure.

So you wonder what you could possibly do with 11 D-Rings, let us explain…

At the front of the board, way up on the nose iRocker have given you 6 D-rings with a strong elasticated bungee. This is your cargo area, providing a space to safely store any essentials. We certainly also recommend clipping things on, just so you can’t lose them. On the D-rings, you can also click a special SUP dry bag, like the stylish designed DeckBagZ.

As we move to the middle of the board you will find an extra 4 D-rings these are positioned way out on the wings so you will barely notice them, unless you are looking.

These are designed to add a universal kayak seat to your Cruiser, this then opens up the possibility of two new sports for the price of one. Or it offers the flexibility if you just want to sit and paddle with some extra comfort and support for a while.

As you look behind you at the tail of the board you will see a slightly larger D-Ring. This one is designed to attach your leash (included with the board package) so in the event of a tumble, the board will stay close by and not float off into the horizon.

The D-rings are all securely welded to the board and super strong to allow the accessories to be used confidently without fear of damage or misuse.

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iRocker Cruiser paddleboard - tri 3 fins, 1 large removable finAs we know fins give us a direction in life, they help us run straight and true, whether your shredding huge waves or searching for the green room the fins will assist you in maintaining a course.

The iRocker Cruiser 10’6 is equipped with a tri-fin setup. This features two smaller rubber fixed fins and a third larger center fin, which can be quickly and easily removed.

The outer fins are designed to flex and bounce so if you decide to use the board on a river or close to shore, you can do so without fear of damage. The larger center fin can then be added when you head for deeper water. The fin is easily inserted, with no tools required. To give you extra tracking and directional capabilities.

iRocker Cruiser standup paddleboard - great waist support backpack SUP


The iRocker Cruiser is ultra-portable. Why may you ask? Aside from the obvious that it’s an inflatable, the new improved carry bag iRocker designed, of which the iRocker Cruiser was the first receiver, makes long-distance walking with your SUP a breeze.

The bag has full support around the waist and shoulders as well as generous padding. Inside and outside the bag are straps to stop your gear from shifting around causing uneven weight distribution. There’s also a large amount of extra space in the pack even after packing in the bag, paddle, and pump.

Finally, the board itself has a material handle in the middle after inflation transportation.


iRocker Cruiser SUP - inflating and deflating is easyiRocker recommends inflating the board to a pressure of 15PSI. Even though the board is capable of more they say that nothing extra is gained. This is due to the drop-stitch core and quad ply PVC keeping the board rigid even without the additional pressure required.

For most users inflating can take between 5-10 minutes, but of course, this will depend on how fast you pump.

For those traveling by car, it’s possible to also use a plugin electric compressor to get started then use the pump to bring it up to optimal pressure.

The pumps are built with a gauge clearly marked with required pressure. This makes it super easy to get it right.

All of the boards have been designed by riders meaning they really want you spending maximum time on the water and not constantly pumping boards. That’s why they supply a dual-action pump which reduces the inflation time considerably.

A piece of useful information that many people do not realize is: that It is actually possible to leave the board inflated, if you are using multiple days and have space then there is actually no need to deflate after each use to save time the following day.

Of course, the biggest benefit of an inflatable stand-up paddleboard is the packed downsize making it great for storage.

Deflation is even more simple. Open the valve and push the little pin in and voila! You can roll your board up and store it neatly away in the carry bag.

Overall Performance

iRocker Cruiser 10ft6in inflatable SUP - features

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The only true test of a board is not sitting on a shelf or rolled up in a bag gathering dust. A SUP is designed to be used, designed to take you on your next adventure. To carry your dreams and turn them into reality.

On the water, the iRocker 10’6 Cruiser SUP is an absolute joy to paddle. The board is stiff and rigid even when carrying a larger rider. For the beginner, the Cruiser 10’6 just oozes confidence.

The confidence to try something new and the familiar feeling of a board that’s like an old friend. After just a few paddle strokes everything feels normal. With no feeling of being lost of uncomfortable on the board really plays to its advantage.

For an intermediate paddler who would like to improve their board skills, the Cruiser offers a sense of knowing and is predictable something not found with many other models. The option to paddle further or longer than before whilst being comfortable is what sets this board apart right from the offset.

iRocker Cruiser SUP - great package with fiberglass paddle pump backpackAs we have said the extra stability is one of the main bonuses of this board but unfortunately this does mean it lacks some speed. This is in our opinion is not a big issue, as for many people you are not looking at breaking records, but for something that is both fun and active.

For 2019 the board was given a slight change in its shape. Increasing the rocker has made the board easier to lift up and go through choppy waters and small waves.

The slight change in form and the addition of the quad-layer PVC really have stiffened things up. With very little flex across the length of the board even when being used by a larger rider. This allows all the power you put into your stroke to be transferred to the water as you hear the gentle slapping of the water under the hull of the board.

A dual carrying handle system makes transporting and carrying the board much easier than before. With the center carry handle covered with a neoprene cover for comfort and ease of use and the rear large handle on the tail ideal to aid launching and recovery.

It is also possible to purchase an extra carrying strap for the iRocker Cruiser which clips onto the D-Rings for carrying the board longer distances.

You can probably tell we love how the board feels on the water. If you look at some other boards on the market that are similar such as the 10’6 Isle All-Rounder their max capacity is 240 lbs. The iRocker Cruiser is 350 lbs. Even if you don’t need that extra weight what that is telling you is, that you’ve got a buoyant board that will feel rock solid no matter what the conditions are when you go paddling.

As you paddle around you will not even notice as the water passes under your feet the effortless glide will feel like a stroll in the park.


iRocker Cruiser SUP - light weight fiber glass paddle


What would you say if we told you that they offer a premium paddle in their standard package? You would probably laugh at us. But alas that is exactly what the guys at iRocker have done.

By doing away with the standard aluminum paddle they have now included an ultra-portable and lightweight fiberglass paddle. Fiberglass paddles are half the weight of aluminum paddles and are longer lasting.

The paddle is brightly color coordinated to your board and looks great. The other huge advantage that it divides easily into three pieces meaning that it can be stored in the same bag as the board. This makes traveling aboard a bus or taxi that little bit easier. The paddle is also super adjustable to really suit all sizes of riders.


Just like a dog sometimes your board needs to be restrained. Usually at that moment when you try to show off and go tumbling off of the back and the board heads off into the distance.

That’s why the safety-conscious guys at iRocker decided you should probably have a board leash from day one.

The strong coiled leash is supplied with your board and even in the same color option as your deck pad. A really nice little touch meaning you can spend even more time trying to show off! This leash has the ability to stretch 5X its length making certain no board will come slingshotting back at your face if you happen to take a plunge. Also for your convenience and safety is a stash spot on the ankle for your keys.


iRocker Cruiser standup paddleboard - large backpack for all your SUP stuff with paddle and pump2019 has seen a whole host of upgrades go into the iRocker Cruiser. One of our favorites has to be the durability of the new bag. The old bag felt a little thin and uncomfortable. With this in mind and by listening to the concerns of users iRocker has upgraded the bag to a premium quality sack.  

With enough space for the board plus all of the accessories, the updated bag features super padded straps and a waist belt to make carrying a breeze. The wide waist belt carries all of the weight of the bag and this really stands out compared to a bag of other brands. 

The best way to keep your board portable is definitely to make transporting easy, and that’s exactly what has been accomplished. The quality zipper can open the bag very far, creating a huge opening to place your deflated board inside the backpack. The cinching straps hold everything firm no matter if you need to run for a bus or cycle to the beach.

The backpack of the iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ has been improved a lot compared to the previous model. It’s comfortable and easy to take your inflatable paddleboard with you, together with all its accessories.

iRocker Cruiser SUP - great dual action high pressure pump

Dual Action Pump

For the perfect pre-paddle workout the dual-action hand pump twists into the rear valve. From here on in it’s all up to you. Once pumping you can watch as the needle of the iSUP rises. With many users recommending 5-10 minutes to inflate their boards up to the optimal 15PSI. However, some users report finding it a bit difficult past about 10 PSI, a little pro trick, switch the pump back to a single action. You’ll find it incredibly easier. We have been informed of people pumping it up in 3 and a half minutes but it really does depend on how fast you pump.

iRocker Cruiser SUP - dual action pump with pressure gaugeIf you want an easier approach you can purchase an electric pump that will assist the process and make things much easier. But then again where is the fun in that!

The iRocker dual action pump is not just a normal dual action pump you can get with every other paddleboard. You’ll notice how quickly you can inflate your board (try it with another brand pump!) and you won’t even notice this ultra-lightweight pump in your pack either.

Repair Kit

Accidents can happen even though the quad-layer board is extremely durable you must always plan for the unexpected and that’s exactly why a simple repair kit is always included. Containing a couple of patches, valve wrench, and spare flip-lock switch for your center fin it contains all you need to get you quickly back on the water.

If anyone manages to puncture this board please comment below! I can imagine it would have to be an entertaining tale as to how you could puncture a board this tough. If god forbid you to do, no worries to be had, a simple patch up out of the included repair kit will get you going again in no time.

(Separate Purchase) Kayak Bundle

The option to add a universal kayak seat to the mix has been a firm favorite of ours. Since the SUP market really took hold of the inflatable sports market. The option of two sports for the price of one is something that really appeals to us, and allows the board to be a much more accessible piece of equipment.

In the kayak bundle, you’ll receive a comfortable, cushioned seat that is easily attached by the 4 D-rings located in the middle of the SUP. Also in the bundle is another blade which is a simple addition to the other end of your paddle, turning your stand up into a sit-down!


  • Stable
  • Cost $$
  • High-quality accessories
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Ultra-portable
  • All necessary startup equipment included
  • Handles up to 350 lbs
  • An amazing lineup of 6 different colors available
  • Matching leashes and paddles that go with your chosen deck pad color
  • The inclusion of the lightweight fiberglass paddle makes it a much more enjoyable experience
  • Being able to add a kayak seat at a later stage to really expand your options
  • 2-year warranty provides peace of mind


  • A slower board to paddle than other narrower designs


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iRocker Cruiser SUP - great package deal with fiberglass paddle and dual action pumpBest Tested Inflatables Guide 2018The latest edition of the Cruiser 10’6 from iRocker has certainly opened our eyes as to what can be achieved in just a few years and a lot of hard work.

Having previously seen the last edition we didn’t think it could get any better but boy were we wrong!

The company has gone from strength to strength and the iRocker Cruiser 10’6 is set to be an instant classic. Building on the brand’s successful line up to create a truly user-friendly experience without compromise.

The Cruiser is aimed at both the beginner and the intermediate rider, designed to be stable and provide confidence, whilst offering the predictability of higher-priced standup paddleboards.

The high-quality materials and technology is something far more advanced than the price point implies. For us, this board really goes above and beyond and will be a huge success.

If you have done some paddling before, and really want something to take you to the next level you can also take a look at the iRocker Sport 11’. The slightly longer board is both narrower and less stable. But by compromising the stability offerers you, in turn, the extra speed missing from the cruiser.

The Sport is a great board if you want to surf and move around the water. Unleashing the power of the ocean to propel you over its green peaks.

Another board offered is the iRocker All-Around series. Available in 2 sizes, they really offer exactly what they say. All-around performance. Not great for anyone thing but they offer many compromises. A great mix of stability and speed, these boards can be at home on a river or on a lake they are agile and can maneuver around the current.

For many, you really want something fun and stable and now that is exactly what the 10’6 Cruiser offers. The high payload capacity and amazing colored designs. All sold in one well-priced package, it is really hard to beat.

The iRocker Cruiser 10’6 is definitely one of our favorite boards for 2020 full of options only usually found on premium-priced boards. The Cruiser will be an instant hit for all the family straight out of the bag.

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