Aquaglide Cascade 11’ Review

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Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable standup paddleboardAquaglide is not new in the inflatables business with over 30 years experience building a whole product range from inflatable standup paddleboards, climbing walls and trampolines to airboats. They understand exactly what’s needed to build with quality and precision. For this article, we have tested the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ inflatable paddleboard, the big brother of the Cascade 10’ that we’ve tested previously.

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Do you want to know how the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ paddles? What value do you get in the accessories? Well lucky for you we have all those answers in this comprehensive review. Read on to find out what we think about the Cascade 11’ SUP.


Length 11’
Width 32”
Thickness 6”
Weight 27 lbs
Weight Capacity 230 lbs


Aquaglide Cascade 11’ Inflatable SUP
  • 9.2/10
    Construction - 9.2/10
  • 9.4/10
    Stability - 9.4/10
  • 9.3/10
    Tracking - 9.3/10
  • 9/10
    Accessories - 9.0/10
  • 9/10
    Versatility - 9.0/10


The Aquaglide Cascade 11′ inflatable standup paddleboard has been made with an improved drop stitch technology and added Aquaglide powerstrips. This all-around iSUP has a comfortable EVA deck pad and lots of D-rings. Cascade 11′ SUP package includes a Bravo dual action pump, large backpack, and repair kit. Altogether a great package deal for a beginner SUP rider!

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Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable standup paddleboard - drop stitch technologyThe Cascade 11′ paddleboard has been built by Aquaglide, a company with many years of experience in building high-quality inflatables for a number of uses.

Aquaglide has taken the standard drop stitch core and increased the thread count to create a higher density than some of its competitors. This has then been added to a double PVC outer layer to keep the board super stiff and rigid.

The inclusion of Aquaglides own powerstrip helps the SUP board to hold its shape and add durability to the hull of the board. A double rail system makes the board incredibly durable for a range of users. We have seen a few different deck designs over the last couple of years but this latest one is really nice with both the hull and deck pad following the same design.

Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable paddleboard - large EVA deck padDeck Pad

Aquaglide has used a really comfortable EVA deck pad, if we are honest it isn’t the largest deck pad we have seen, but it is more than sufficient. On some of the larger boards, we noticed they add a tail kick pad also but on the Cascade 11′ it’s kept very simple.

The diamond pattern offers plenty of grip and is comfortable for all day use whether sitting or standing. We really liked the color combination of blues and greys in a classy yet stylish design.

D-rings + Bungee

The Aquaglide Cascade features a whopping 10 D-ring configuration, more than enough for adding any accessory you choose, whether you add a simple kayak seat or the kitchen sink you have plenty of attachments.

Aquaglide Cascade 11' paddleboard - many D-rings and bungee for storage and accessoriesUp front, just in front of the EVA deck pad, the 4 D-rings form a well-placed cargo area. By utilizing a strong bungee, the board gives you some space to stow your essentials.

On many other boards, the deck pad actually overlaps the cargo area to stop bottles sliding and providing some grip. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the Cascade SUP so just beware when positioning thing so they don’t become dislodged, if in doubt clip it on!

On the nose of the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ paddleboard, they have added a single D-Ring, this can be used for tying the board down or securing the board when you head off for a picnic. Over the midsection you can see another 4 D-rings, these are ideally positioned for adding (optional) kayak universal backrest or shoulder carrying strap. On the tail of the board is the last of the 10, this is for securing a board leash, it’s right on the tail and out of the way so you should not stumble on the leash.

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Aquaglide Cascade 11' paddleboard - large single fin setupThe Cascade 11’ all-around inflatable paddleboard came to us full of hope and anticipation not knowing what to expect but knowing it would be exciting.

Aquaglide has chosen to use a single fin set up on the Cascade paddleboard, which for us was a little disappointing. On a longer cruiser the single Fin is certainly the best set up but for an all-around, we wanted something with a little more spice. We wanted the ability to drop a rail and feel it grip which just isn’t so profound with a single fin set up.

Luckily hope was not lost as we looked a little closer we were pleased to see that Aquaglide had chosen a US fin box configuration, a common set up for paddleboards which with it means a variety of fins are easy to source meaning that you can switch between a longer fin for cruising or a shorter fin for better maneuverability.

The included fin measures in at a sturdy 8” long enough to track well, for us we would certainly purchase a second shorter fin to interchange between depending on the condition.

It is also worth noting that whilst so many boards now offer a toolless fin system, the US fin box actually requires the use of a small Phillips head screwdriver, so it is worth adding one to your kit bag so you don’t forget.

Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable SUP - Bravo dual action high pressure pump


Aquaglide certainly understands how to make inflatables! Naturally, inflatable paddleboards were the natural progression. Utilizing the same technology’s to create rigid, durable elements.

Because of the board materials and technologies, the Cascade 11’ board is capable of over 20 PSI but Aquaglide recommends a working pressure of 15-18 PSI even at just 15 PSI the board felt super solid.

Deflating the board was a piece of cake, opening the valve cover before peering down on the valve to let the air escape. The only thought we had on the deflation was that you need to be a little careful if you are leaving the fin in place.

With the standard 8” fin it did fit into the bag but was a bit of a squeeze so we would probably recommend removing the fin before deflating and packing away.

Overall Performance

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Aquaglide Cascade inflatable SUP - Great paddleboard for cruising and beginnersOnce pumped up we set out on the lake testing the board for tracking and maneuverability. We used the standard fin provided with the board, at 11 feet long the Aquaglide Cascade SUP was more than large enough for a variety of riders even at lower pressures it felt solid for lighter riders with heavier persons requiring that bit extra pressure.

As we paddled off, the board tracked really well. It held its line well and even started to glide well. As for turning and maneuverability, the board did feel a little sluggish, tending to arc into turns instead of turning on a dime. As it turned we did notice a bit of a wobble too, again this is just down to the single fin set up. With a shorter fin, the board would turn more efficiently.

We enjoyed paddling the Aquaglide Cascade paddleboard even on small waves. The board held its shape and didn’t show any signs of excess flex. We would certainly recommend it as a beginners board even perfect for families big enough the share between an adult and child.

The board was definitely a better cruiser SUP than an all-around paddleboard but was super fun all the same.



Unfortunately, a SUP paddle and leash are not included with the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ paddleboard package so please remember to order one at the time of purchase or you will truly be up to the creek without a paddle. Don’t make the same beginners mistake as some others, by showing up at the water without a SUP paddle 🙂  

Aquaglide Cascade inflatable SUP - Bravo dual action high pressure pump


Aquaglide after a few years of using a basic pump, have finally given in and loaded the Cascade SUP package with the much loved Bravo dual action high-pressure pump.

Featuring two modes with the simple flick of a switch, from high volume to high pressure to get your board up to the recommended pressure with ease.

At 11 feet long it is a big SUP board and will take longer to pump than shorter boards, this is simply due to its extra volume. Nothing to do about that, unless you choose to buy an electric SUP pump.

Aquaglide Cascade inflatable SUP - large backpack to transport paddleboard pump repair kitBag

We have found that the backpack is an absolute essential, not only keeping your board and accessories together but to both protect it and keep the shell tidy. Luckily for you, Aquaglide has included a super rugged, commercial-grade polyester bag, the type you would expect to see hauling across mountains and deserts by sherpas. The two adjustable backpack straps and the tailored waist belt are comfortable and well padded, they can also be hidden inside a large, zippered pocket when not in use.

Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable paddleboard - large comfortable backpack to pack the SUP board pump paddle and moreWe found the oversize bag to be strong and very durable, easily accommodating the inflatable stand up paddleboard, its SUP paddle and pump with ease. The extra outer bungee made it easy to throw small accessories on the outside of the bag for storage.

Repair Kit

Aquaglide is no stranger to inflatables and understands that accidents can happen even with the most durable of products. That’s why they include a simple repair kit to get you back on the water as soon as possible. A couple of patches and a valve wrench can be found in the orange pod. This should be kept in your bag to be sure it is always to hand when you need it.

We recommend popping into a local hardware store and buying a tube of glue as it’s not included in the repair kit due to shipping laws.


  • Good looking colorful design
  • Soft grippy deck pad
  • Included Bravo pump is easy to use
  • The bag is super rugged design
  • Board holds its shape and felt very stiff
  • US fin box is a nice addition to easily interchange a variety of fins


  • Only a single fin set up
  • US fin box requires a Phillips head screwdriver so be sure to pack one
  • No paddle or leash is included in the package
  • Deck pad smaller than similar models


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Aquaglide Cascade inflatable standup paddleboard - great designed SUPAs you sail away into blue seas and warm skies you want the confidence to be sure-footed and capable underfoot. This is where the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ inflatable standup paddleboard can be the perfect companion, built on solid foundations the super durable board can really be trusted in a range of conditions.

The high-density core and extra power band make sure your paddleboard holds firm even with the heaviest riders.

For the beginner SUP rider, looking for an all-around paddleboard that better suits cruising and exploring, the Cascade would be a perfect addition offering good stability even capable of practicing some SUP yoga.

For an intermediate rider, we would certainly recommend you take a look at the iRocker Cruiser or Thurso Surf Waterwalker as the tri-fin configuration gives you much more versatility no matter where you want to ride.

We love the easy paddling, comfortable option that the Cascade offers, with the option of sharing the experience with a child or dog. The Aquaglide Cascade paddleboard is durable and inspires plenty of confidence to any beginner SUP rider hoping to hit the water this summer.

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