Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks

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Advanced ElementsAdvanced Elements are known for their colorful designs and top quality models. If you’ve seen inflatable kayaks that are bright yellow or fire orange, you can be pretty sure it’s one of their models.

Their intent is to make high-end quality kayaks with an affordable price tag. As if that wasn’t enough, they aim to provide cutting edge technology with all of their inflatables, whether it’s a kayak or canoe, you can be sure it will utilize the latest technology.

Down below you will find two of our favorite kayaks from Advanced Elements.
Advanced Elements Expedition Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements Expedition

One of the best selling Advanced Elements kayaks is the Expedition. It’s a mix between a folding frame and an inflatable kayak. Unlike other inflatables, the Expedition has an aluminum frame. The built in aluminum ribs helps to define the bow and stern, it also makes tracking really easy, you won’t notice much difference between a hard shell and this inflatable kayak.The Expedition is a versatile model that can be used for recreational activities.

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Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable KayakAdvanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible

If you’re looking to get an inflatable tandem, Advanced Elements offers a 15 feet long convertible inflatable kayak. Just like the Expedition, the convertible has built in aluminum ribs that defines the bow and stern, and makes tracking easy as pie. It has three seat locations to allow for paddling solo or tandem.

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High quality and Affordable

For the amount of money you spend on an Advanced Elements inflatable kayak, you should really get a lot less, but you get so much more than your money’s worth. Whether you’re looking for a large tandem kayak or a small one seater, Advanced Elements has something high end for you, at a low a price too. If you’re already familiar with inflatable kayaks and want to get something more high end, this is the company you should turn to. Their products are generally more high end than others